Barnwell Development Association

The Barnwell Development Association (formerly the Downtown Barnwell Development Association) is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization of volunteers looking for members of the community (business, industry and individuals) who value the quality of life here in Barnwell and believe that by working together, we can strengthen our economic and community development for a better future for all.

Vision of the BDA

For Barnwell, South Carolina to be a community where local businesses are supported well, where community pride is strong, where the quality of life is excellent, and where our children want to return to live, work and raise their families.

Mission of the BDA

The Barnwell Development Association works to improve the City of Barnwell through its goals, with a special focus on the heart of the city. The organization assists the City of Barnwell with implementing plans and programs for community improvement.

Goals for the BDA

  • Beautify and maintain our community from the heart of downtown outward.
  • Recruit businesses and individuals who share pride in our community.
  • Plan, promote and implement programs and events that will increase our community bonds, enhance our community image, support our businesses, and provide fun and enjoyable activities for all.
  • To build a mutually supportive structure within the Barnwell Business Community, that furthers the interests of all businesses by intensive and continuing promotion efforts.
  • Work with the city, other organizations, businesses and groups in planning special projects and partnerships to create opportunities to build community and create lasting legacies.



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