Streets Department


The City of Barnwell has a three-man crew of full-time employees that take care of the City public areas such as sidewalk lanes and other grassy areas along roadways.  They help to keep out roadways clean from dead animals and other debris. 

  • The City of Barnwell contracts with an outside agency for garbage and general trash pickup. S&S Disposal, Inc. collects roll carts, residential and business.  Businesses needing large dumpster pick up may contact a local provider for that service.


Garbage Collection

Household Garbage IMPORTANT NOTICE: City of Barnwell Roll Cart Customers - On September 1, 2019, the City's sanitation collection vendor was changed to S&S Disposal.  All roll carts, residential and small businesses, will be picked only once per week.  THERE have been some changes to the schedule for regular trash pick up, and those effected were notified.  ALL Yard trash will ONLY be picked up on Wednesdays.  All household trash must be put in the roll carts.  Trash on top of, beside and/or outside the container WILL NOT be collected.  Furniture will NOT be collected.  White goods (washers, dryers, etc) will be picked up once a month on the last Wednesday of the month.  Holiday schedules will be posted when appropriate. There will be an increase in rates beginning in October of $2 per cart.  



As of October 2019, all Roll Carts are $16 per cart per month for residential customers and commercial customers.  

If shared containers, each residence or business will be charged the minimum fee.

There is no Dumpster service through the City of Barnwell.  Businesses needing commercial dumpster service may obtain service from local providers.

Furniture will no longer be picked up.  As a reminder, construction, demolition debris, and hazardous materials will not be picked up and should be put into the roll cart. 


The City owns and maintains one cemetery, Barnwell cemetery, just above Fuller Park.


Any street or street light issues should be reported to City Hall, 803-259-3266.

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