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City of Barnwell Mosquito Control Program


Dates and areas for Mosquito Spraying:

We will be spraying for mosquitoes again.  We will be doing it a little different this time.  We will have the truck mount spraying as usual but we will have the thermal foggers out and running to hit concentrated areas that are either low lying areas or wet areas.


August 13, 2018 6-9 PM


Team 1 (truck sprayer)


Forest, Meadow, Walnut, Magnolia, Laurel, Hickory, James, Huntington, Westfield, Deerwood, Galilee, Byrd, Bluebonnet, Rosewood, Florence, Phillips, Finley, Colonial, Oak, Hagood, Brown, Park, Bay, Lee, Carolina, Vaughn, Nightingale, Washington, Simms, Willow, Main from Carolina to the Circle, Marlboro from five points to Main, Academy, Franklin, Madison, Burr, Ingle, Dunbar, Elm, Perry, Willow, McDonough, Pike.


Team 2 (thermal fogger will be done on foot)


Low areas close to High School, Old railroad bed that runs through town, Fuller Park, The duck pond creek bed near Robin Street, Swamp Behind Carokee, the backside of Wannamaker Subdivision, Swamp near Saddlebrook and Willow, Back ditch area of Meadowbrook, Swampy area at the Back of 5th Street.



Due to the different types of mosquitoes in our area, our crews must spray at night to eliminate those types.  We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.  We encourage citizens and businesses to help by reducing the standing water in and around your areas by dumping or draining water from buckets, tires, outside toys, and other items.  Mosquitoes use this standing water to lay their eggs and hatch larvae.  Thank you for your assistance!

In cooperation with DHEC through a Mosquito Control Grant awarded in 2017, The City of Barnwell  is dedicated to fight the disease bearing pests, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus (common disease bearing mosquitoes) in our area. At the same time, we are also aware of the catastrophic damages the chemical pesticides can do to the bee populations.  Our program is designed to target areas where the mosquito populations are high, while informing any and all bee keepers within the city limits of our plans to target spot treatment.  If you are a bee keeper, we encourage you to contact us so that we may keep you informed of our program activities.  If you have a complaint of a mosquito problem within the city limits, please contact our offices so that we may investigate and make plans for target control. 

Beginning this spring, our Mosquito Control Program trained employees will begin testing areas and checking for particular types of Mosquito populations.  We will begin target spraying on a schedule in late spring.  That schedule will be publicized here on our website and in other locations as much as possible.

In the meantime - we encourage our citizens to educate and protect yourselves on the many ways to prevent the spread of the mosquito populations and diseases spread by mosquitoes by:

  • Checking weekly for areas and items around your house that can hold water (toys, tires, buckets, cans, etc.) Drain, refresh or cover these items.  *Mosquitoes can breed in standing water as small as a bottle cap.
  • Putting away outside items not in use.
  • Closing doors when you come inside.
  • Using screens on doors and windows.
  • Using EPA approved insect repellant.
  • Covering your skin with long sleeves and pants.             City of Barnwell Brochure

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