Community Clean Up Campaigns



Make a Difference Monday will resume in October - 10/12/20 from 4-5 pm.  Location TBD.




Wow - we cleaned up a lot for three of us working on June 8.  We picked up eight bags of trash from the lake parking lot up to the red light at Wellington and Ellenton Streets.  THANKS so much to Liz Ringus and our city employee Marcus Hughes.    


Great work on Monday, May 11, making a difference!  Liz Ringus and our water/sewer employee Rojelio Barajas along with these two young men, Syntavion Priester and Tirek Lamont.  They just came up and offered to help.  Thanks to all!



Thanks to all who participated!  We had a fairly full container.  There was 1 ton in the container.




Thanks to Amy and Callie Bozard and Elizabeth, Madelynn and Noah Hutson for their efforts on Hagood Ave as well as Liz Ringus on Derry Lane.  I also pick up in the downtown area on our April Make a Difference Monday - April 13.  




Another great turn-out for our Make A Difference Monday!  Thanks to the TWELVE volunteers that we had Monday, March 9 for our clean up on Clinton Street.  200 lbs of garbage in 26 bags with one tire picked up!!!   You all ROCK!!!


Thanks to volunteers City Councilman Billy Dozier, County Councilman Ben Kinlaw, BCSD Darlene Sanders and Daniel's Pharmacy employee Jordan Chavis, as well as Justin Bishop of the Barnwell Water Dept, we cleaned up the section between Anthony's at Reynold's Road and Marlboro Ave on Monday, February 10.  Thanks for Making a Difference!



On January 13, Liz Ringus (pictured), Lynn Hair (GO Daniel's Pharmacy!), City Employee Eric Moore and myself (Lynn McEwen) picked up 80 pounds of trash on Litchfield Street by Walmart.  




From November 2019, Thanks to several who came out for Make a Difference Monday, including Ashley Culp and her daughter Delayna.



Thanks to the GBMS Junior Beta Club for an AMAZING turnout (total of 37 volunteers that day) on Monday, Oct. 14.  YOU ROCK!!  100 lbs of trash in 20+ bags was cleaned up off the four lane (Dunbarton Blvd.)  Thanks for MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!



Thanks to Regina Johnson of Daniel's Pharmacy and Izzie Brandt and Stephanie Brandt for Making a Difference Monday (August 12).  8 bags of trash, 2 tires and a small table and box were collected at the Wellington Street parking areas of Lake Edgar Brown.  Make a Difference Monday is the second Monday afternoon of each month from 4-5 pm.  Thank you to all of our volunteers we have had so far! 



Thanks to our 2 volunteers on July 8 - Jordan Chavis (from Daniel's Pharmacy!!!) and Liz Ringus.  With their work and 2 city employees, we picked up 10 bags of trash weighing 280 lbs!  Hugh Street has never looked better!  



Seven bags of trash were picked up on our June "Make a Difference Monday"  Thanks to those who came out!  Councilman Dozier helped out today! 


We had another GREAT turnout for our second Make a Difference Monday with 12 participants and 80 lbs of trash picked up along the lake on Bryan Street and Gilmore Street.  I want to especially thank the Barnwell School District 45 for their assistance for the first two months.  We also want to thank Daniel's Pharmacy for making it two in a row!  Please help us keep it going!  Look for information on the next Make a Difference Monday on June 10.


A GREAT Turnout for our First "Make a Difference Monday"







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